Things to do

Eudunda and the region has many things to do, from exciting to relaxing, you can decide.

Local Drive and Trails:

There are lots of drives and trails in the area, some are well documented, and the best is to call at the Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery and ask there.

Eudunda is well positioned for you to join in both local and larger regional (and state) trails such as the Mawson and Heysen trails nearby.
Eudunda is also going to be the next stop in the Lavender Federation Walking Trail which currently comes to Truro (next town to our South) and is being developed to Eudunda.

  • Colin Thiele Drive
  • Eudunda Town Walk –Top End & Bottom End Tours
  • Neales Flat & Brownlow
  • Sutherlands – Bower
  • Peep Hill
  • Point Pass – Ngapala – Julia – Hampden – Tarnma
  • Hansborough – Anlaby
    One fabulous place to visit is –Anlaby Homestead. It has beautiful gardens and buildings to explore. By appointment.

Check out the Eudunda Web Portal for more information.

Major Events:
You might like to come to some of our major events. If so please book early.
Currently they are:

  • History Week
  • SALA (South Australian Living Artists Festival)
  • Swann Insurance 24hr (Motorcycle Trial)
  • Legacy & JAK Golf Weekend (Eudunda Golf Club)
  • Eudunda Show
  • Christmas Street Parade and Party

Check out the Eudunda Web Portal for more information.
Another good resource is to see what is happening in Region – on the Southern Goyder Calendar